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Sensory Community


At Sensory, we believe life is best lived in a state of balance.


Our vision is to continually strive for an unparalleled gesture of service: an eye for detail, a listening ear, a touch of inspiration, a nose for innovation, and a tasteful space to move and connect.


We challenge you to sweat and stretch daily. Our PERFORMANCE classes change your body through strength training & quality movements while our PILATES classes harmonize your body with mobility and restorative effects.


Together, they create a balance and synergy of mobility, strength, and longevity.


We invite you to



Sensory Pilates & Performance opened its doors on September 12th, 2015. The minds behind this concept are Dr. Guillermo De Novi, DPT and personal trainer/group fitness instructor; Enrique Gomez.

Guillermo's passion for Pilates stems from a debilitating herniated disc injury as a high school track & field athlete that left him in chronic low-back pain for 8 years. This inspired him to go into Physical Therapy school at the University of Miami, graduating in 2012; but it wasn't until he incorporated Pilates for rehabilitation, that he was finally able to conquer his low-back pain and be pain-free again.

Enrique's passion for strength & conditioning and H.I.I.T. stems from using fitness to cope with the stress and anxiety of attending a demanding and prestigious magnet high school called D.A.S.H., in Miami, FL.  Upon entering Florida International University with the objective of being an architect; his passion for fitness, which was fueled in high-school, led him to transition to a professional life of helping others reach their fitness and health goals.

After years of Guillermo practicing Physical Therapy and Enrique running his own fitness business; they joined their unique skillset and experience to create Sensory.

From its inception, Sensory has had one mission: To provide members of the community with a safe, non-judgmental, and tasteful space to move and strengthen their bodies through Pilates and weight/H.I.I.T. training.

After nearly 10 years in operation, many things have evolved, but one thing remains the same: Our passion for improving our members health and wellness through mobility, strength and longevity.


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