private SWEAT

-  A schedule revolved around your life

- Pick your desired days and times 

- Acquire exercise education

- Customized results and workouts

- Attention to form and detail

- 1 hour long, 1-on-1 sessions


Push your body past your threshold through accountability, motivation, and unique challenges.

Increase strength, stamina, mental resilience, and increase confidence through these custom tailored workouts.  

Embark on your customized experience!

Your personalized journey starts off with an innovative and in-depth assessment to address two key  segments for success: your wants and needs. 


A carefully trained listening ear absorbs what your goals are while our assessment addresses the areas that you didn't even know you needed to work on. 


Periodic assessment follow-ups, out-of-the-box training methods, and knowledgeable instructors create the perfect harmony for your success. 

Gain insight about your:

1. Joint mobility 

2. Muscular activation

3. Posture

4. Body symmetry

5. Body fat and BMI ranges

Exclusive equipment just for privates

In our SWEAT privates we use specialized equipment to make our clients strong and well-rounded. 

Our equipment includes:

- Agility equipment

- Boxing equipment

- High altitude training

- Core Align

- And more!

Private packages that suit your lifestyle

Call 786.478.6652 for pricing information

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