private PILATES

-  A schedule revolved around your life

- Pick your desired days and times

- Acquire exercise education

- Customized Pilates workouts

- Attention to form and detail

- 1 hour long, 1-on-1 sessions

Focus and improve your body awareness, mobility and flexibility, focus, balance, coordination, and breathing capabilities to enhance your movement efficiency, mental well-being, and strength in a private PILATES session.   

Embark on your customized experience!

Your personalized journey starts off with an innovative and in depth assessment to address two key  segments for success: your wants and needs. 


A carefully trained listening ear absorbs what your goals are while our assessment addresses the areas that you didn't even know you needed to work on.

Periodic assessment follow-ups, out-of-the-box training methods, and knowledgeable instructors create the perfect harmony for your success.

Gain insight about your:

1. Joint mobility 

2. Muscular activation

3. Posture

4. Body symmetry

5. Body fat and BMI ranges

Exclusive equipment just for privates

You will be trained by a Pilates instructor on our specific Pilates apparatuses to best suit your mobility and muscle toning goals. 

Our equipment includes:  

- Reformer 

- Trapeze Table 

- Core Align 

- Chair

- Spine Corrector 

- Ladder Barrel

Private packages to suit your lifestyle

Call 786.478.6652 for pricing information

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