private PILATES Instructor 

"Change is the only constant"

When I was three years old my mom enrolled me in dance lessons. Ever since that first class, dance and having an active lifestyle became my way of life: from walking around my neighborhood with my mom in my teens, to teaching dance during my undergraduate career to college students, and graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Dance has been a dream come true. During my graduate career, I was mentored by Dr. Tom Welsh, a current and well-known dance scientist. I became a Dance Conditioning Staff member where I helped rehabilitate and strengthen dancers to prepare them for their rehearsals, classes, and personal growth. During this time, I became Pilates certified through Balanced Body and my life changed. Pilates has changed my body, the way I move, and how I can help others. I am currently a Pilates instructor, professional choreographer, and dancer. I am constantly learning and growing my repertoire for movement in every way I can. I invite you into my amalgamation of movement with an open heart, judgement free zone, and freedom to laugh, to challenge, and to be yourself.

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